What is the supply industry?

We are a vast, sophisticated and technology-driven sector of our economy. Why do we call it the “Supply Industry”? Because we make, sell, install and supply products that every American uses every day. Often referred to as the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Piping, Valve and Fittings industry, it means amazing career opportunities, training and benefits across hundreds of companies.

Industry at a glance

$70 Billion Industry
600+ Member Companies
5,300 Member Locations
100,000+ Employees

Calling all seekers, makers, doers and dreamers!

Hourly Careers

The foundation of our Industry are the workers who perform so many critical roles from warehousing and plant operations to plumbers, manufacturing and distribution.

Transition From The Military

You served your country well and learned invaluable skills along the way. Your work ethic, drive and discipline are highly valued.

College / University Recruitment

We’re always looking for our managers of tomorrow. If you want cross-functional, real-world experience where you can learn every aspect of the business, the Supply Industry has just what you need.

Second Career

Whether you’re looking to change jobs or start a new career, we’re an industry that rewards performance and embraces the experience you bring.

Interested in a career in the supply industry?

Women in the Industry

Our Innovation Lab

Diversity and inclusion