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When your service is over, we’d love to talk to YOU about your FUTURE.

You served our country well and learned invaluable skills along the way. The work ethic, drive and discipline you acquired are highly valued. Across the country, our member companies support the amazing women and men of our armed forces, so please consider your next career in an essential, stable industry.Loyalty, duty, honor and commitment may be second nature to you, but for us, it’s exactly the kind of values that will take you anywhere in our industry.

Is this YOU?

“I loved the military. It gave me a sense of purpose, helped me with my self-discipline, and provided me with amazing technical skills. I was an E-4 Specialist is an armored tank division specializing in logistics, so my skills were directly applicable to the Supply Industry.
I wanted to start a family, so when I decided to leave the Army, I did a lot of research on industries and career opportunities that would work for me. I was amazed at what I learned about the Supply Industry. I had many, many options to consider. Now I handle distribution logistics for a $200 million dollar company in the Midwest!”

—Specialist Nancy Palermo, United States Army
Mobile, AL

Featured Employee

Jesus Rosa - Staff Sergeant (E-6)