Women in the Supply Industry – Elevate your Career

Long considered a male-dominated field, today’s Supply Industry provides abundant opportunities for women to establish fulfilling careers and distinguish themselves as strong leaders.  These opportunities are as diverse as the women who seize them, including a wide variety of roles in Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and Warehousing.  No matter your background or skill set, you can find where you belong in the Supply Industry!

The Supply Industry understands the importance of investing in the success of women in the field and demonstrates a sincere commitment to providing the resources and support necessary for them to thrive, with a distinct emphasis on work-life balance. Conferences such as ELEVATE allow women in the Supply Industry to expand their professional networks and nurture the connections, mentorships, and community that is already revolutionizing the Supply Industry.

Pursuing a career in the Supply Industry presents women with an extraordinary opportunity to stand out and create their own path.  Bringing needed and valued perspectives and skills to the field, women who join the industry are uniquely positioned to leverage their talents and advance as leaders for the next generation.

The supply industry is expanding at a tremendous rate. With new technologies and innovative leaders, it is becoming more dynamic every day. The women leaders in the industry have been blazing the trail for many more who are currently rising through the ranks of the supply industry.

The American Supply Association, a progressive trade group representing the PHCP/PVF industry sees tremendous value in the expanded roles women are occupying. Collaboratively, we must ensure the path progresses and benefits the entire industry. The focus of these efforts is empowering women and providing them with the opportunity to connect—through education, information, and engagement. Learn more about the American Supply Association’s work to support women in the supply industry.