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The Sales Manager develops and executes sales strategies as well as plans and budgets to grow accounts. The Sales Manager recruits new customers and introduce product initiatives within a defined territory to increase company sales and profitability. With a focus on company goals, the Sales Manager develops and leads the sales team by hiring, training, coaching, and providing feedback.

Decision Making & Strategic Decision Making

Embraces and promotes company objectives.
Effectively balances decisions To both satisfy customer and market needs with that of revenue, utilization, and profitability for the organization.
Recognizes issues, problems, or opportunities and determines action needed.
Gathers and organizes information Identifies the need for, collects, and organizes information to better understand problems, opportunities; compares and combines information to identify underlying issues.
Interprets and analyzes information Integrates information from a variety of sources; detects trends, associations, and cause-effect relationships.
Generates alternatives Creates relevant options for addressing problems/opportunities and achieving desired outcomes.
Chooses appropriate action – Formulates clear decision criteria; evaluates options by considering implications and consequences including the impact on a companys financial picture; chooses an effective option.
Commits to action Implements decisions or initiates action within a reasonable time; monitors results and makes adjustments as needed. Accountability built in to ensure success. Delegates effectively.
Delegating Responsibility & Follow-Up

Implements an effective sales mentor program to use seasoned team members in the on-boarding process.
Spends time on the most impactful and revenue-generating activities.
Shares appropriate responsibilities – Allocates decision-making authority and/or task responsibility in appropriate areas to appropriate individuals.
Clearly defines parameters Sets guidelines of delegated responsibility, including decision-making authority and any required actions, constraints, or deadlines. Able to delegate both routine and important tasks.
Provides support without removing responsibility – Suggests resources and provides assistance or coaching as needed; expresses confidence in the individual. Trusts people to perform.
Stays informed Establishes appropriate procedures to keep informed of issues and results in areas of shared responsibility.
Communicates time frames Builds due dates into assignments and task delegations; effectively communicates milestones and expected results.
Gathers appropriate information Asks questions to obtain relevant information; convenes meetings to review progress and share information; gets feedback on results from those directly involved. Provides needed resources.
Evaluates results Meets formally with peers, associates, and others to review the results of an assignment, project, or delegated task.

Organizes the communication Clarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence.
Maintains audience attention Keeps the audience engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection.
Adjusts to the audience Frames message in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience.
Ensures understanding Seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding.
Adheres to accepted conventions Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used.
Comprehends communication from others Attends to messages from others; correctly interprets messages and responds appropriately.
Ability to sell Presents ideas and information to successfully persuade or convince the audience to accept and embrace the leaders’ objectives.
Actively develops and promotes effective communication skills in others in the organization.
Makes complex ideas or situations clear, simple, and understandable. Recognizes patterns, sees discrepancies, missing pieces, and trends.
Planning And Organizing

Manages the market sales planning process by expanding on team members individual account plans. Uses this to create a solid basis for sales forecasting and resource allocation for key sales opportunities.
Prioritizes Identifies more critical and less critical activities and assignments; adjusts priorities when appropriate.
Determines tasks and resources Determines project or assignment requirements by breaking them down into tasks and identifying types of equipment, materials, and people needed.
Schedules Allocates appropriate amounts of time for completing own and others work; avoids scheduling conflicts; develops timelines and milestones.
Leverages resources Identifies and takes advantage of available resources (individuals, processes, departments, and tools).
Establishes S.M.A.R.T. goals in line with company goals and values. Implements action plans with timelines with deliverables and measure results.
Stays focused Understands the importance of time management to effectively use time and prevent irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with work completion.
Accountable Holds self and others accountable for deadlines, assignments, etc.
Communicates Keeps team up to date on progress, milestones, assignments, etc.
Building Trust & Gaining Commitment

Establishes solid relationships and trust with key customers without usurping the relationship they have with the sales team member(s).
Opens discussions effectively Describes expectations, goals, requests, or future states in a way that provides clarity and excites interest; Shares thoughts, feelings, and rationale so that others understand personal positions.
Clarifies the current situation Seeks, gives, and summarizes information; ensures that the situation/issue at hand is understood.
Develops others and own ideas Presents own ideas; seeks and develops suggestions of others; makes procedural suggestions.
Facilitates agreement Uses appropriate influence strategies (such as demonstrating benefits or giving rewards) to gain genuine agreement; persists by using different approaches as needed to gain commitment.
Closes discussions with clear summaries Summarizes outcomes of discussions and establishes next steps if needed.
Demonstrates honesty and integrity and keeps commitments.
Builds relationships Learns the value of relationships and views building relationships as a critical success tool.
Team player Builds trust by developing and nurturing a team environment; treats people with dignity, respect, and fairness; gives proper credit to others; stands up for deserving others and their ideas even in the face of resistance or challenge.
Coaching & Developing Others

Regularly observes and coaches sales team members in live sales interactions with customers.
Clarifies expected behaviors, knowledge, and level of proficiency by seeking and giving information and checking for understanding.
Explains and demonstrates Provides instruction, positive models, and opportunities for observation to help others develop skills; encourages questions to ensure understanding.
Uses key principles Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions (enhances self-esteem, empathizes, involves, discloses, supports).
Collaboratively establishes development goals and plans Works with individuals to identify areas for development, understands need for improvement, and jointly sets specific development goals.
Creates a learning environment Secures resources required to support development efforts; ensures that opportunities for development are available; offers assistance to help individuals overcome obstacles to learning.
Monitors progress Gives individuals specific feedback on their performance related to established goals; highlights key positive and negative performance issues; adjusts plans to ensure development.
Leads by example Models the behaviors, knowledge and practices and demonstrates the characteristics that are expected of the individual who is being coached.
Managing Conflict

Opens discussions effectively Establishes a clear and compelling rationale for resolving the conflict. Not afraid to address conflict as it arises, in fact looks at conflict as an opportunity.
Clarifies the current situation Collects information from relevant sources to understand the conflict. Documents outcomes or implications as needed.
Remains open to all sides Objectively views the conflict from all sides.
Skilled at focused listening Practices attentive and active listening. Accurately restates the opinions of others even when he/she disagrees.
Stays focused on resolution Stays focused on resolving the conflict and avoid personal issues and attacks.
Initiates action Takes positive action to resolve the conflict immediately to avoid escalation, address the issue, dissipate the conflict, and maintain the relationship.
Closes discussions with clear summaries Summarizes to ensure that all are aware of agreements and required actions.
Follows up Monitors progress of situations and keeps team on track.
Quality Orientation

Follows procedures Accurately and carefully follows established procedures for completing work tasks.
Ensures high-quality output Oversees personal and team job processes, tasks, and work products to ensure freedom from errors, omissions, or defects.
Takes action Initiates action to correct quality problems or notifies others of quality issues as appropriate.
Perform other duties as assigned. Adhere to the rules and regulations as set forth in the Employee Handbook.
Job Requirements


High school diploma/GED required (bachelor’s degree preferred)

Minimum 1 year in similar position (4 years preferred)
Minimum 3 years in progressive position (4 years preferred)
Product/applications experience required.
Wholesale distribution experience required.
Supervisory experience required.


Goodin Company is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment, including the decision to hire, promote, discipline or discharge, will be based on merit, competence, performance, and business needs. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status, and any other characteristic protected by applicable regional, state, or federal law.

The physical demands and work environment are representative of those that an employee encounters while performing the essential duties of this job. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

This job description is not designed to contain a complete list of tasks and responsibilities related to this position. Goodin Company reserves the right to amend this document to meet legal, business and organization requirements as necessary.

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